Hall of Fame

August 2020

Last month it was so close we had to go with joint winners. The last time we had this situation was June 2017, yet we have another month were we could not separate two members and the votes were tied!

  • Stephen Goldsmith – Stephen Goldsmith is a machine; he is putting in an incredible amount of mileage week after week. Often the faster or endurance runners get over looked as it looks so easy for them, but to keep your body in a condition to do both distance and speed takes a lot of hard work and effort. Stephen has also taken time to help and stay at the back for some sessions to encourage others.
  • Nicky James – Despite being new to the club and only just starting out as a runner, Nicky James quickly ticked off her first 5k within weeks of joining. She is doing so well at sessions and on her own runs outside of club training.

July 2020

This has to be the most diverse month in our history of most improved runner. Usually there is a stand out member or it’s very close between two and we get a few mentions for those almost there. As a testament to all the hard work you have shown at training through July, it was the first time in ages we had to agree on a joint decision. Both winners received two votes with everyone else on the voting system getting a vote each. It was almost like having eight most improved runners this month!

  • Sarah Thomas – Sarah Thomas impressed us with how hard she has been working at training sessions and her dedication to start a walk/run marathon training plan.
  • Clare Harden – Claire Harden caught our eye as she is running really well and clearly showing us that she is pushing herself at training sessions.

June 2020

  • Alison Mitchell – This month sees one of our members who started an insane way of keeping up her running in May, by running laps around her garden (we are talking your average size garden), she has continued with this through June and set herself some crazy goals, can you imagine running 5k around your garden? Well she’s done everything from 5k to half marathon, even doing her Endure 24 run. Her mental strength and sheer determination have impressed our run leaders.

May 2020

  • Craig Williams – Having joined just before lockdown he could easily have drifted away but instead he has embraced the CRC sessions set by Shelley, engaged with other CRC members on social media and followed up an impressive April with an even stronger May, running further and faster.

April 2020

  • Becky Aiken – Having graduated from our 0-5k crew Becky has continued to improve and set herself a goal to run a half marathon, sadly part way through training the half marathon was cancelled due to lockdown. Becky didn’t give up and not only did she continue training she actually went on to run her first half marathon ‘solo’ – now that’s dedication!

March 2020

  • Kevin Langridge – Returning from injury Kevin has started to find his stride again and was a regular at training until we had to finish up, it was also noted that he put in a top effort at our yoga class.

February 2020

  • Nuno Lourenço – For smashing the Tollgate Hill Half Marathon, a huge PB at Brighton Half and just generally doing really well at the moment with some fab times across February!

January 2020

  • Holly Gascoine – Holly joined CRC on a Zero-5k Programme and since that time has become a regular CRC runner. Holly wasn’t too impressed with the last photo we used as she has lost a fair amount of weight since she started running, so we hope we have the photo right this time! A regular at training, Holly can also be seen increasing her distance on Sunday long runs, as well as swearing at hills!

December 2019

  • Chris Wells – Having bounced back from an injury, Chris is ever present at training and a joy to have about at the club. He always puts in 100% and continues to improve.

November 2019

  • Holly Gascoine – A number of our run leaders nominated Holly, particularly for working so hard in training but also on runs outside of CRC sessions. She also bagged a shiny new Tilgate PB this month!

October 2019

  • Paul Brown – Ever present at training and league races, Paul was the standout individual for the run leader team this month due to the effort he puts in and his improvement recently. This included a new Parkrun PB! Well done, Paul.

September 2019

  • Chloe Matthews – Well done to Chloe! Our run leaders noted that her strength and resilience is truly admirable, she continues to push herself inside and outside of training. Her improvement and commitment to training has been amazing. Close on Chloe’s heels this month was Paul Brown who has also received votes and was praised for his training attendance and his consistent improvement.

August 2019

  • Sue Langridge – Sue has stood out at training for a few of our run leaders and has also been seen running at a number of the league races. Not only has her effort been noticed, she put in a great performance at both the mile and 5k time trials in August. Well done Sue!

July 2019

  • Daniel ThomasOur run coaches and leaders have voted for Dan as he has really engaged in CRC activities this month and is keen to get involved in as much as possible. Not only that, coming back from injury, his times have been steadily improving and he has been super committed to his training. Alongside this, he has been encouraging his children to get involved and run too!

June 2019

  • Judy Carbone – Runner of the month goes toJudy Carbone. Having started running with CRC when we first set up, this month Judy completed Endure 24 solo! Racking up an epic 11 laps (55 miles) she showed true determination to take on this challenge in less than ideal conditions and showed us what we are all capable of.

May 2019

  • Nishita Patel – Runner of the month goes to Nishita Patel for her improvement and commitment to training and races since completing the 0 – 5k. She ran her first ever 5 miles at the Beach Run and caught the eye of a number of our Run Leaders in May.

April 2019

  • Chris Wells – The April award goes to Chris Wells who has impressed our run leaders by pushing himself since graduating for the 0-5k Crew, he is everywhere at the moment, a regular at training and you can tell by the smile he brings he is really enjoying the running bug.

March 2019

  • Ria Beal – The March award goes to Ria Beal who has impressed our Run Leaders with her excellent effort at training, pushing hard at Parkrun and showing impressive progress with her pace on Strava.

February 2019

  • Jenny Cooper – The February award goes to Jenny Cooper who has impressed our Run Leaders with her dedication to training. Hard work pays off, as they say, and after 2 years of saying ‘I want a sub 2 hour half marathon’ she achieved just that at the recent Worthing half marathon. Well done Jenny!

January 2019

  • Carly Burke – The January award goes to Carly Burke who has impressed our Run Leaders with her noticeable improvement and positive attitude.

December 2018

  • Neil Roberts – The December award goes to Neil Roberts who has impressed our Run Leaders with his consistency at training recently, pushing hard at the circuit’s class and showing an overall improvement.A very big well done from all our Run Leaders to Nuno who also received votes this month, a regular at training and smashing his PB’s at the moment, along with Stephen Baynes who continues to show improvement.

November 2018

  • Shereen Hazman – The November award goes to Shereen Hazman who has impressed our Run Leaders with her dedication and commitment to training recently, pushing herself she has shown continued improvement at training, taking part in the CRC challenges and taking on the Valhalla race at Hellrunner.

October 2018

  • Janet Trigwell – The October award goes to Janet Trigwell who has impressed our Run Leaders with an amazing month of running, her dedication to training has led to some great performances in the league races along with completing Great South Run, as always we keep an eye on everything and have noted her recent stream of PBs on Strava.

September 2018

  • Anne Lambert – We are pleased to say the September award goes to Anne Lambert who has impressed our Coaches and Run Leaders with her regular presence at training and by continuing to improve her 5k times.

August 2018

  • Ellie Wells – Having joined CRC in February, Ellie’s journey to marathon runner at London in April has since gone from strength to strength. A regular smiley face at training, Ellie has worked notably hard in training and improved in August with a 5k PB at the time trial. With a great attitude we are sure there is more to come from Ellie!

July 2018

  • Pierre-Alain Ruffie – The July award goes to Pierre-Alain Ruffie who has impressed our coaches and Run Leaders after a strong couple of months! With a top 10 finish at Roundhill Romp, dedication to his running and continual improvement in the amazing times he is posting – well done Pierre!

June 2018

  • Adam Stanger – The June award goes to Adam Stanger who has impressed our coaches and Run Leaders after battling back from injury he has shown great determination and has put in a lot of hard work at training and is now reaping the rewards.

May 2018

  • Stephen Goldsmith – The May award goes to Stephen Goldsmith who has impressed our coaches and Run Leaders. Ever present at training, his commitment and improvement are clear to see and he had a great run at the recent Gatwick event.

April 2018

  • Anna Barnes and Sue Childs – The April award goes to Anna Barnes and Sue Childs, no matter what is thrown at Anna she just keeps going. To run a marathon is hard, to run two within a week is just crazy but she did it and still turned up at training a few days later and put in an amazing effort. Anna becomes the first CRC member to take this award twice having been most improved runner back in October 2017. Sue bounced back from injury and was 100% committed to her marathon training, even during her training she attended training when she was on rest days to support and encourage others, her loyalty, determination and focus was amazing.

March 2018

  • Ross Cheney – The March award goes to Ross Cheney, a regular at training and improving all the time. Our Run Leaders have been very impressed and here is what some had to say “storming through his marathon training”, “focused on his training”, “He’s putting in so much hard work”. There’s not a month that goes by where deciding on one winner is easy so a very big well done from all our Run Leaders to Tracey Hutcheon and Adam Stanger who both received votes this month.

February 2018

  • Caleb Pullen – The February award goes to one of our juniors Caleb Pullen, our Run Leaders have been amazed with his efforts in training and this has in turn earned him some very impressive 5k times at Tilgate Park Run recently, his smiles shows he is truly enjoying his running achievements. There is not a month that goes by where deciding on one winner is easy so a very big well done from all our Run Leaders to Adam Stanger, Holly Stanger, Paul Ferris, Anna Barnes and Ross Cheney who all received votes.

January 2018

  • Carole Martin – The January award goes to Carole Martin, our Run Leaders noted that her running has become more consistent which in return has resulted in an overall improvement in her running times and distances which will ensure she achieves her goal to run a half marathon in the near future, good luck with your training Carole. Every month it’s so hard to single one person and like December this was an exceptionally close month to call, a very big well done from all our Run Leaders to Xaviar, Armina, Nick Tyson, Shereen Hazman and Holly Stanger who all received votes but were pipped by Carole Martin this month.

December 2017

  • Neil Brennan – The December award goes to Neil Brennan our Run Leaders noted that his efforts in training have been rewarded with a real improvement in his running. His recent determination and desire to do his best has not been missed by our Leaders. Neil is a recent graduate from a 0-5k programme delivered by Shell and Bill and he has also signed up for his first marathon in 2018! Every month it’s so hard to single one person out and December was probably the hardest this year, a very big well done from all our Run Leaders to Louise Clawson and Sue Childs who both received votes but were just pipped by Neil this month.

November 2017

  • Amanda Madel – The November award goes to Amanda Madel, our Run Leaders have been so impressed with her efforts in training both at our weekly sessions but also her determination and hard work in her event training sessions which led to Amanda achieving her goal and conquering the hills of hell and bog of doom over a 10-mile course. Well done to Paul Ferris who received votes this month and to Claire Orsborn who received praise from our Run Leaders keep up the great effort. As always, its hard to single someone out as you all put in so much effort but our Run Leaders are always watching and observing and taking notes of your improvements both at training and events so keep up the great work Crew.

October 2017

  • Anna Barnes – Anna has impressed our Run Leaders at training and was a nominee for this award last month, not only has she continued her rich form through this month she put in a fantastic performance in The Great South Run and if that was not enough, this month she smashed her PBs for her half marathon, 10 miles and 10k, Wow, well done Anna! Well done also to Ross Cheney and Sue Childs who received votes this month keep up the great effort. As always it is so hard to single someone out as you all put in so much effort but our Run Leaders are always watching and observing and taking notes of your improvements both at training and events so keep up the great work Crew.

September 2017

  • Joanne Pullen – Joanne has impressed our Run Leaders this month at training and most of all her decision to take on her first half marathon, what made it more impressive is she has only ever raced up to the 10k distance before and yet completed her first half in 2.17 without stopping! As one of our Run Leaders put it in their vote ‘she just can’t get enough of running at the moment’. Well done also to Anna Barnes and Adam Stanger who received votes this month keep up the great effort. As always it is so hard to single someone out as you all put in so much effort but our Run Leaders are always watching and observing and taking notes of your improvements both at training and events so keep up the great work Crew.

August 2017

  • Alison Mitchell – Not only did Alison smash her mile PB this month but she has also shown improvements at Parkrun, the league races and also in training. Not wanting to be left out, Alison also completed a solo Cheal’s Hill session as she couldn’t make it to the evening session! Now that’s commitment! As always it is so hard to single someone out as you all put in so much effort but our Run Leaders are always watching and observing and taking notes of your improvements both at training and events so keep up the great work Crew.

July 2017

  • Steph McBride – It was noted by a number of run leaders that Steph has been showing steady progress and improvement which resulted in her first sub 30 min 5k at last weeks’ time trial! She has also been a regular attendee at training and league races.

June 2017

  • Bruce Crowe – It has been a tough road back from injury for Bruce but he is another member who has been working hard and is now seeing his times improve. As someone who came via a previous Learn to Run programme we have all see his progress but this has been really evident across June with performances at training and league races.
  • Stephen Hartfield – Stephen has had a strong month and this was noticed by all of our Run Leaders as he got a vote from everyone single one! Starting with running his longest ever distance on the 4th June at the London 10 Mile race (see race report further on in the newsletter) it was noticed by all as to the effort that he has been putting into training and the progress being made. One Leader commented “he has really upped his game in the last few months.”

May 2017

  • Shereen Hazman – Shereen’s improvement is clear to see and she has had an amazing month at training. It has been amazing for our run leaders to see how far she has come in such a short space of time since joining the Crew.
  • Jenny Cooper – Jenny has been so close to this award for the last two months, her enthusiasm and determination to continue to improve is amazing to see and was something that was noted by all of our run leaders.

April 2017

  • Claire Hooper – Claire has been amazing this month and is a great example of what hard work can achieve. She has been everywhere; training, Parkrun, social events and a league race! She even managed to smash her goal of wanting to run a 10k without stopping at the Lewes 10k on Easter Monday.
  • Sally McBride – Sally too has shown tremendous effort in training which was noted by all the Run Leaders and just like Claire her hard work was rewarded with a new 10k PB at Lewes knocking an amazing 7 minutes of her previous best!

March 2017

  • Daniel Britton – Dan has really taken his training to the next level and his efforts at Wednesday training sessions has been noted by all of our Run Leaders, he produced a great time at Horsham Parkrun this month and as we have said before our Run Leaders keep a beady eye on all your activities and we know how hard he has been training through Strava!
  • Natalie Dimmock – What can we say about Natalie she is such an inspiration, not just for her continued desire to train with a bump but to continue running for two week in week out with endless half marathons and 10k races is just outstanding.

February 2017

  • Nick Tyson – Nick has really been pushing himself at training sessions and this was noted by all our Run Leaders, his hard work is paying off as he has been getting a new ParkRun PB with every ParkRun he has done recently!
  • Henry Harris – Henry has also been outstanding both at training sessions and fitness classes not to mention all the extra running he has been fitting in during the week, his hard work resulted in a new half marathon PB at Brighton.

January 2017

  • Judy Carbone – What a month for Judy! She started it all on the 1st January with not only her first league race for the club but the first time she had ever run 5 miles and what a brutal course to do it on! She may have been the last one home but she showed great determination and never lost her smile all the way around, she pushes hard in training and has now set herself a goal to run a 10k race in April. A PB of 3 minutes at the Worthing ParkRun was another demonstration of an amazing January!
  • Nikki Baxter – An ever present figure at training and fitness classes, we can clearly see on Nikki’s face how much she is loving her running at the moment. Run Leaders have noted her continued improvement throughout January both at training and at ParkRun, she also bagged herself a new ParkRun PB at the CRC group run at Worthing!

December 2016

  • Andrea Thorns – Having lost her mojo after doing so well graduating from a Learn 2 Run group, when she heard about the new club starting she was over the moon and is a regular at training and fitness classes. The look on her face at both training and the fitness classes shows without a doubt the hard work and determination she has to get her fitness levels back.
  • Andy Franks – Having lost a lot of weight and having only started running a few months ago, Andy would only ever go out at night as he did not want to be seen. He had never run with anyone until he came to the first CRC session. Not only is he improving both with speed/time but he has really opened up and is enjoying running with others. He completed his first event at our group park run and has represented CRC at ParkRun for the last 3 weeks! Andy also ran his first ever race on Boxing Day and has also entered the Hangover 5 WSFRL race on New Year’s Day!

November 2016

Every month CRC will award a trophy to the clubs most improved runner(s) and the November award goes to… all of you! Every training session has seen you all put in so much effort it’s been impossible to pick any individuals out but throughout December our Run Leaders will be keeping an eye on you all, will you be the one picking up the most improved trophy in December?