Jack Woolsey

Run Leader


This all kind of happened as a mistake really. As a child my family and I used to enter the Crawley fun run which used to consist of 2 races a 3k and 10k, the 3k would be more than enough for my once yearly run. However i decided i would enter the 10k for a bit of a challenge in 2008 and was then hooked. I went on to run the London Marathon in April 09 shortly followed by South Downs Marathon in July 09. I suffered a serious knee injury in 2011 which saw me being unable to run for just over a year. However i never doubted that as soon as i could i would be out running again.

Most memorable or proudest running moment

My most memorable race has to be the London Marathon 2016 although not my first time doing this race, i decided i wasn’t worried about how fast I would run it and more about taking in all that was around me. A day that will live with me for a long time.

In April 2017 I completed my Leader in Run Fitness (LiRF) course, and am already starting to see how rewarding it to see how much people can progress with a little guidance.

Fun facts about me

I have a young family and am also studying towards completing my accountancy exams. When i’m not running you can generally find me watching football or walking my Border Collie.