Malcolm Wiltshire

Run Leader


I’m 58 years old, and at the second attempt, got into running late 2014. The first time I tried was 2006 which ended abruptly after a really bad experience at The Barnes Half.

In 2014, I watched a TV Programme called ‘Obese a year to save my life’. A 34 stone man was running. I wasn’t as big as that, but I was very big, and decided there and then something had to change. I revisited running, found a running club, and the rest is history.

Running has changed my life, and done so much for me, both mentally and physically. My medical issues caused by being overweight are a thing of the past. I am fitter, healthier, and my GP only sees me when I get running injuries . I have found a competitiveness I didn’t know I had (I love league races), and the sense of achievement I feel at the end of each run, whatever the distance cannot be bettered.

I am part of a community that is made up of the most supportive people I have ever met. No matter who you are. It doesn’t matter how slow, or, how fast you run, fellow runners will always be in your corner encouraging you and offering that deserved and very welcome pat on the back. I have met people who I’m proud to call friends. People I admire, and, who are extremely inspirational.

Running gives me with friendship, laugher, and fun, and I hope it does the same for anybody who reads this.

Most memorable or proudest running moment 

I have had two major achievements so far in running, I completed every race in the 2015 WSFRL, and my first marathon in 2016, as we go to press, I am preparing to add a third, as I aim for the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend.

One of my proudest moments was doing my LIRF this year, and becoming a run leader. I want to help others, get from this sport, as much as I have. The journey I have been on, and which will continue as long as I can put one foot in front of the other, enables me to demonstrate an empathy and understanding that others may find helpful.

My running future?

I want to gain more knowledge and experience that I can pass onto others. I wish to push myself, with more aims and goals, aiming to improve as a runner and a run leader. Most importantly though is to repay the faith shown in me, when I was given the opportunity to become a run leader for CRC.

Fun facts about me

In my opinion I had the best job of all when I was a Soldier, serving in Germany, Central America and Northern Ireland. I like old cars, and own a Morris Marina. My musical tastes are firmly stuck in the 70’s, and I am a huge fan of the Glam Rock Bands. My musical hero is Marc Bolan.

I have had lunch with Princess Anne. I like real ale, and German Pils. My favourite fruit is Mango. My favourite city is Berlin. I have won awards/trophies for Orienteering, breeding Budgies, archery, angling. I am a keen angler, and I also like to go Birdwatching. My biggest weakness is pizza.