Nikki Baxter

Junior Crew Representative


Being the most inactive and down right lazy child and teenager that ever existed I think I’ve done okay in my running journey!

I am a mum of 3 boys, a wife and I work 2 separate and active jobs so running is definitely a bit of “me” time.

My first race entered was the great south run in 2014, I started running to lose weight and realised what wonders it has done for my mental health. I’ve always struggled with depression and running has really helped provide valuable headspace.

Since then I had my youngest child and decided to crack on with running again. I joined CRC fearing the worst, thinking I’d get left behind but it’s brought the best out in me. I can honestly say I love running (sometimes) and I will continue to enter races and enjoy them (well, the medals at least)!

I regularly enter 10ks, take part in West Sussex Fun Run League races and ran my first half marathon in September 2017.