Rebecca Arthur

Kit Officer


I started running on treadmills to counteract my chocolate and cake habit about 5 years ago after deciding my dance career was over. I was then encouraged to join the gym’s Running Club by the Run Coach Graham, it was through the club that I met my fiancee Phil!

Since then I’ve toyed with trail running, marathon running and triathlons. Eventually realising I preferred not to run for more than 5 minutes at a time, I started focusing on track sessions and competing for Crawley in the 800m and middle distance events.

Most memorable or proudest running moment 

It’s really hard to choose a ‘most memorable running memory’ as I have so many, both good and bad. I think one of my most memorable moments was running the London Marathon in 2012. I burst into tears at the finish line when I realised I’d made it; probably my most emotionally draining race.

A happier running memory comes from a track meet in 2015. I’d raced an 800m and thrown a discus already that day, then volunteered to jog round the steeple chase just to fill the spot. I was told I needed to run the 4 x 400m as I crossed the finish line of the steeple chase, and just about had time to change my spikes and get up to the start line ready for the final leg, still soaking wet from the water jump! Our team was in first coming into the last leg with 2 teams making good ground on us. I ran scared from the baton hand over and managed to maintain second. I felt like I was flying and got round on pure adrenaline and the screams of the club.. I was in a world of lactic at the finish and collapsed in a heap until the rest of the team dragged me up. My favourite moment in my running career even though it was agony getting down the home straight.

Fun facts about me

When I’m not running, I’m quite boring really. You’ll normally find me binge watching Netflix (right now I am a Homeland addict!) and eating copious amounts of chocolate or cake, or just about anything sugary…