Semeena Khan

Run Coach


I grew up in the States (East Coast kid at heart), spending the best part of my childhood enjoying the great outdoors – from building tree houses/snowmen to eating dirt (yes – really); I was born to be adventurous.

I’m completely in love with running. It makes me feel alive, happy and free. I didn’t always love running but approaching a new decade in my life I wanted to change this; I wanted to run. So in April 2016 I took up a ‘Learn to Run’ course at a local club and so my journey began. I have made some great friends along the way who have made my journey enjoyable and FUN.

Since then I have run countless races, even flew across the Atlantic with some of the Crew to conquer Las Vegas Half Marathon as well as both London and Lochness Marathon 2017!

Running has shown me I can do more than I ever thought possible and I love being able to share that feeling with others.

Most memorable or proudest running moment 

London Marathon 2017! From start to finish it was an incredible experience; the city, crowds and energy are just amazing. Even when you feel like hell, it still ends up being so much fun.

I attempted London Marathon 2013 and failed miserably due to lack of training and motivation, ultimately never running again for years. Being able to finish this race stronger than ever before was a huge personal achievement for me, I was so proud of my body.

Believe you can and you will!

Fun Facts about me

I’m completely obsessed with cows and cheeseburgers; not sure how that works but hey! I absolutely love hiking, the sea, travelling – being able to experience different cultures and trying new things. I also have a fear of heights so to tackle this once and for all I jumped 10,000 feet out of a plane – as you do.