Simone Lee

Website Administrator & Run Leader


I was a very active child, always running and cycling around the neighbourhood and what we used to call ‘the block’, doing gymnastics from ages 6 – 14, and playing netball and doing athletics when I was at school. In 2008 I went to my first track session at a local leisure centre. It was hard and it took me a month to work up my courage to go again, but after a few more sessions I made some friends and realised that we were all hurting no matter how fast or slow we were running, and everyone supported everyone. I haven’t stopped running since. At Crawley Run Crew we run as individuals but we also run as a team, a community, and through the members support, inspiration and motivation, I went from struggling to run a mile in 2008 to running my first marathon in London 2014. I definitely consider myself as a social runner and if it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made through running, I don’t think I would have continued with it!

Fun facts about me

I’ve been head-butted by a giraffe in Kenya, almost drowned trying to swim to the Devil’s Pool in Livingstone Zambia and eaten fried Tarantulas in Cambodia. I love being outdoors and travelling to far away places such as Patagonia and south east Asia, but I also enjoy spending time at home snuggled under a warm blanket, playing a good game of Monopoly, drinking too much Prosecco, and watching DVD box sets of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.