Spotlight on Jack Woolsey

Why did you start running? I started running when I was around 19 with the main aim to lose weight, at the time I was massively overweight. Although always being sporty I never really thought I’d ever just like running but it turns out it’s addictive, within the first 18 months of running I lost around 8 stone, although some of that has come back on through periods of not running due to injury or lack of motivation.

What would you like to improve? After completing the London Marathon last April I lost all motivation to go out running, mixed with the football over the summer there was always something else to do, now I have my motivation back again I want to work on my speed and to push and challenge myself to be a better runner than yesterday.

What was your best/worst race experience? My best race has to be the London Marathon I just went out to enjoy it, my worst was this year’s Reigate half marathon my lack of training made this one of the toughest runs I have ever done.

Favourite race? South Downs Marathon, the views are amazing.

Top tip for the Crew? It’s not about how fast you go it’s about how much you enjoy it.