Spotlight on Natalie Dimmock

Why did you start running? I started running because I was extremely overweight, I managed to get myself down from 17.5 stone to 15 stone but needed something more to get the rest off, I always walked or “jogged”our local race for life with mum once a year but could never dream of running an entire 5k!

What would you like to improve? I’d really like to work on my speed over short distances, marathons seem to be my strongest distance as I’m very good at setting myself into a pace and staying there.

What was your best/worst race experience? Best Race running all of the London Marathon whilst over 6 months pregnant in 4.56, I got such an amazing reaction! Worst Race was the Bognor 10k with thyroid fatigue issues I collapsed 2k in but I managed to walk/jog the rest before collapsing over the finishing line!

Favourite race? Rome Marathon, it was my first and I got to take in all sights during the run. The expo was amazing and the crowd were the most supportive I’ve ever had.

Top tip for the Crew? Never lose the love of running by putting so much pressure on yourself and focusing too much on times. Ditch the watch occasionally and enjoy your surroundings.