Each month we shine the spotlight on one of our members and ask them to answer our 5 quick fire questions. Next up is Henry Harris.

Why did you start running? I started running due to bet at the pub that my friends thought I wouldn’t get up early on a Saturday and do a Park Run. They all thought I was too lazy so I thought I would prove them wrong and I showed up that morning and run the course in 35.00 dead. I have loved running ever since!

What would you like to improve? I would like to improve my 5k time as well as being able to complete a marathon comfortably. My PB at Tilgate Park Run has been 23.02 for nearly 18 months now so I would love to improve that time and break into the sub 22 minute club. The last marathon I did the last few miles felt very long so I would like to cross the line not looking completely dead.

What was your best/worst race experience? I really enjoyed the Reigate half marathon last year, I felt really strong and I did the race in around 1.47 even though there was a nasty hill at mile 12! Cardiff half marathon is another favourite of mine, it’s a very beautiful course. I would not say I have had a bad experience with racing but when I did the Gosport marathon last year it was so cold and windy you had a hat and gloves on during the run on the way out and when you was on your way back you had to take them off again as you got too warm without the wind in your face! I also injured my right leg and it took over 6 weeks to heal.

Favourite race? In case you haven’t noticed I am a bit of a Park Run geek and love doing them when I can, before I hurt myself in November I had basically done a Park Run a week for nearly 3 years running. It took me just over 2 years to get my 100 Park Run top. I am on number 116 now and I have done it in 5 different parks! However I should say Park Run is a run not a race and that’s what I love about it, there is so much of a community attitude to it and everyone is there to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Top tip for the Crew? I find it good to always remember why you started running every now and then, also for me I find running with other people really helps as you are more likely to go running as a group then on your own. Plus you can push each other to reach whatever goals you are trying to achieve and it’s good to have a natter when running.

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